My School Bucks

You may continue to use to monitor your child's account and add money if they choose to buy extra items.
Online Meal Prepayment System Available
Students will not be allowed to charge extra milk, extra entrees, or any type of ALaCarte items if their account has a negative balance.

NSF Checks: Checks returned due to insufficient funds are sent to Checkredi for collection, telephone number 1-877-524-7334.

Remaining Funds: It is the responsibility of a student's parent/guardian to claim any remaining funds(positive balances) on their child's account at the end of the school year. If you wish to transfer the balance to a sibling or to donate the funds to the MCSS School Nutrition Program, you must provide the request in writing to the School Nutrition Manager at your child's school. Any unclaimed funds will be remitted to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Unclaimed Property Program.