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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Mitchell County School System web site.  Our web site is intended to provide a means of exploring the district's outstanding programs and talented people.  It is important that faculty, staff, parents and the community work together to ensure that, at all times, students success is our number one priority.  Please feel free to contact teachers, counselors, and administrators in regards to your child's education.  As superintendent, I want the district to be as transparent and "parent friendly" as possible.  These are your schools and your children we're educating, and we want you to be fully informed.  "Bridging the Gap" has been our motto and passion and we know together we can continue to accomplish this goal.  Please consider either enrolling your child, if you are not already part of our Eagle family, applying for a job when there is one advertised, or just coming by to visit us here at the Mitchell County Board of Education.

Welcome to 2020-2021 School Term
It seems only a blink ago that we were winding up the 2019-2020 where our young citizens are given the basic tools of academic instruction. That worked, but just as everything else in life, things change, students change, communities change. What has not changed is the need to give our young students the skills and academic prowess to go into the real world able to fully participate and solidify their places in this great America as productive citizens.
There comes the rub. Just teaching a curriculum or opening and closing the doors, saying we are doing school, just does not do it anymore. It really takes a team of committed teachers, staff, leaders, students, parents, and citizens focused, not on self, but on our students. We must shape school and the schooling process to meet their needs, where they are and then bring them forward until they can leave us ready to excel. In other words, students do not have to fit in our box, with the thought, we have ours, now they have to get theirs. We shape the box to fit our students, we use ours to define, breakdown, guide, and mentor our students so that they experience and learn the process of education that they can use now and the rest of their lives. They leave us with the academic ability, the concept of personal and social responsibility, the ability to adapt to any situation and contribute. Well rounded, experienced, and capable. Ready to Fly..
We are measured by test scores and CCRPI. We must be accountable, but we must not measure our students by a test score. It is so much more. We must teach them to learn, to be productive, anytime and anyplace. If this is true, then our focus is and should be on the needs of our students. So our focus changes. We monitor our accountability data and scores, but we put in a place to measure each student’s progress from our 3 year old program through graduation and beyond
Now time is of the essence. While we may have another year or two before we see the consequence of failing scores, we do not have that luxury with our children. If we fail, we have failed them; they do not get another year or two to recover. They may never recover.. The thought really illuminates the awesome responsibility that we have as educators. From the newest employee to the Board Chair we must focus like a laser beam on the educational process that prepares our students for tomorrow. Failure is not an option. Every day we must strive for excellence for every single student and then redouble our efforts the next day, and the next and the next, until every student leaves our family having reached their potential and ready to soar like the eagles we know they are. What a challenge. And I ask you do this knowing if you get 100% right, next year we start over.
Now that we understand our challenge, we know that it is not a number we are working for, it is our children, our students, our Mitchell County. Let us push forward from every corner of our schools, from every member of our team, from the first bus in the morning to the last bus of the day knowing we are part of a focused effort. A family that will fight for its own. We will work as not 4 schools but 1 united family; 1 system that will ensure our baby eagles leave the nest ready to soar. That as proud eagle parents we share the responsibility with their parents their success or failures. We cannot and will not fail.
I am excited and passionate about the team we have assembled and have witnessed their dedication as we worked all summer to prepare for this challenge. You have risen to the call for action and I know even better things are coming. You will continue to amaze, surprise, and make our team proud with your work ethic, your ingenuity, your willingness to put our young students first. You are willing to teach our students to fly. You are amazing eagles.
You are Eagles, You are Mitchell County, We Are Eagles, We are Mitchell County. We are Mitchell County Eagles.
Robert Adams, Superintendent of Mitchell County School System * 108 South Harney Street * Camilla, GA 31730 * (229) 321-7002