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Tips for Parents

What are some ways to ensure two-way communication between home and school?
1.     Nine weeks report cards/progress reports
2.     Assessment results
3.     Parent-Student-Teacher Compacts
4.     Parent Involvement Plans
5.     Attendance Letter
6.     Parent Conference
7.     OAS – Online Assessment System
8.     School and Parent INVOLVEMENT websites
9.     Flyers sent home 
10.   District Monthly Newsletters
11.   Parent Survey

What are the six slices of Parent Involvement?
1.       Communicating
2.       Collaborating with the Community
3.       Decision Making
4.       Learning At Home
5.       Parenting
6.       Volunteering
What are some Parent Involvement Activities at MCSS?
1.       OPEN HOUSE
2.       School Council Meetings
3.       Stakeholder Meetings
4.       Title I Annual Meetings
5.       Curriculum Knowledge Meetings
6.       Assessment Knowledge Meetings
7.       Parent/Teacher Conferences
8.       Read aloud to students
9.       Listen to students read
10.     Career Day – Guest Speaker
11.     APTT Meetings
The GA Department of Public Health has prepared several handouts to help parents and students prepare to return to school amid COVID-19 Pandemic.  The handouts include:  information about returning to school, Symptom screening checklist for elementary students, middle and high school students, persons entering the building, and parent/guardian attestation.