About Us

The Business and Payroll Department is located in the Central Office and is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. each business day. Our objectives are to serve the school staff by being available to help with payroll, purchasing, and budget questions, and to serve the public through management and reporting of local, state and federal tax dollars.
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Luci Conine, Director of Business and Finance
(229) 321-7031 ext. 1005
Adolyn Whitmire, Secretary/Purchasing
(229) 321-7031 ext. 1023
Pat Connell, System Payroll
(229) 321-7031 ext. 1006
Amy Brooks, System Bookkeeper
(229) 321-7031 ext. 1004
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MCSS Financial Information (HB 139) 
All of information on this site consists of data and other information which the Department already collects and in most cases published in some existing form, or which is collected and published by another department within state government such as the Department of Audits and Accounts.  HB 139 required the centralization of this information into a single web site, which is the purpose of this new reporting system.
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