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Frequently Ask Questions

The Mitchell County School System is Bridging the Gap by establishing a Global Learning Environment for Student Success.
The Mitchell County School System, in its pursuit of educational excellence, will, through viable programs, diverse experiences, and active, responsible partnerships with the community and its agencies, ensure that all learners have the opportunity in a safe and supportive environment to realize their academic, personal, and social potential so that they may live disciplined, meaningful, and enjoyable lives and contribute to our democratic society.
Business/Payroll Information
The Business/Payroll Department is located in the Central Office and is open from 8:00 to 4:30 each business day.
Our objectives are to serve the school staff by being available to help with payroll, leave, purchasing, travel, and budget questions, and to serve the public through management and reporting of local, state, and federal tax dollars.
Please contact us via system email if you have any questions or call (229) 321-7002.
Our Staff:
Luci Conine, Director of Business/Finance
Amy Brooks, System Bookkeeper
Pat Connell, Payroll Bookkeeper
Adolyn Whitmire, Secretary/Purchasing
  • Funds are budgeted for needed items for your classrooms. Your principal determines amounts for each classroom.
  • Each school has a designated purchasing agent that is your first contact for purchasing items needed for your classroom through the system budget and/or the principal/club accounts. They are very familiar with purchasing procedures, board policies, approved vendors, and audit requirements.
    • MCPS – Jeannie Autrey
    • MCES – Kisne Jackson
    • MCMS – Donna Shiver
    • MCHS –  Patricia Ashley
    • Do not order or purchase items without going through them first!!
Financial Reporting/Audit:
  • The Business Office assumes responsibility for adequate accounting procedures and internal controls to properly reflect the financial position of the school system including the school activity accounts.
  • The Business Office prepares all financial statements and reports required by state and federal agencies having jurisdiction over the Mitchell County Board of Education school funds.
  • Audited financial reports are available from the Business Office.

  • Travel expenses are reimbursed twice a month and must be submitted within 2 weeks of returning. See calendar for due dates.
  • Reimbursement for school related prior approved travel is reported through Etrieve, which can be accessed from the system's website. 
  • You must have been approved for professional learning activities through Etrieve in advance of participating in the activities in order to be paid.
  • We issue paychecks monthly and cannot release checks in advance. Please see payroll dates.
  • Checks are distributed at your work location.
  • Checks can be viewed in Etrieve and check copies can be printed from Etrieve also. 
  • New employees are paid over an August through July cycle.
  • Sign up for direct deposit! Report changes in bank information immediately. This can be done through Etrieve. 
  • If you have a change in name, please bring your social security card to payroll immediately.
  • If you have a change in address, complete a Personnel Change form (located at your school.)
  • Please review the leave and absences policy carefully.
  • If you will be absent, you must contact your school immediately to arrange for a sub.
  • All leave is reported through Etrieve and we are also notified of your absence if you do not sign in at the school check-in computer. 
  • If you are absent more than 3 days, the payroll office must be notified immediately and a doctor’s statement will be required upon return.
  • If you will be absent for an extended period, please submit a request for leave to the board.
  • Indicate what type of leave you used before you sign leave forms.
  • If you fail to report your leave, you will be charged for personal leave.
  • 3 of your annual sick days may be used as personal per year. If you use more than 3 days, these days will be without pay. If they are not used, they will be included in the sick leave balance rolled forward.
  • The balance and the number of days used will be printed on your check stub each month. Please observe this carefully and contact us immediately if there is a discrepancy.
  • If you are transferring from another Georgia school system, that balance will be added to the days we allow. This must be reflected on your verification of employment form.
Sick Bank:
  • The Mitchell County School System has established a sick bank and employees may join at the beginning of each year by donating 2 days. Please review the policy carefully.
  • If you are a member of the sick bank and are eligible to apply for days from the bank, you must complete the proper forms immediately (these can be obtained from your school bookkeeper.)
  • Your salary is calculated based on years of experience verified by your prior school system and the salary scale approved by the board of education.
  • If you are a teacher and do not have a certificate on file, you will be paid $100/day until your certificate is issued by PSC. You will be paid retro to the date of your certificate only if received by October 1st.
  • For help with certification issue, please see the Human Resource department.
  • The Mitchell County School System offers many opportunities for insurance, annuity, and wellness programs through payroll deduction that you may take advantage of upon employment or during open enrollment in the fall.
  • The Business Office also processes payroll taxes and retirement.