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Federal Programs » Title I-C Migrant

Title I-C Migrant

Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally funded program designed to support comprehensive educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruption and other problems that result from repeated moves. 
The goal is to assure that all eligible Migrant students are receiving appropriate supplemental services to reach their academic potential.
Key Elements of Program:
  • Identify and Recruit Eligible Migrant Students.
  • Identification of Priority for Service Students who are Most at-Risk by Formula.
  • Development of District Migrant Education Comprehensive Needs Assessment.
  • Increase Opportunities for Migrant Parent Involvement.
  • Create Implementation Plans for Service.
  • Collaborative Academic and Social Service Provision.
  • Decrease the Academic Gap Between Migrant Students and the General Student Population.
Mitchell County's Migrant Education Program contact is Tina Sharp.  She can be reached at 229-321-7002 ext. 1003 or  The Migrant Education Program (MEP) contact works in collaboration with the Mitchell County School system Migrant tutor and school staff to meet the needs of our migrant students.
Migrant parents are encouraged to attend scheduled Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meetings to gain additional understanding of the Migrant Educational Program and how they can help their children at home increase their success in understanding the academic achievement performance standards.

For more information, you may contact Tina Sharp, Federal Programs Coordinator, at