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Every six years, school systems in Georgia and from across the country, undergo extensive accreditation reviews by Cognia evaluation teams (formerly known as AdvancED). It helps us evaluate our purpose and direction, governance and leadership, teaching and assessing for learning, resources and support systems, and engagement with stakeholders.

MCSS was accredited with quality in the Spring of 2023; the next external review will be conducted in 2029. Parents and interested community members can learn more about accreditation at


On March 24th, Mitchell County School System district administration hosted an Accreditation Report Review session with Cognia Accreditation evaluator Dr. Erik Swanson.  During this session, the system was recognized for receiving a score of 285 out of 300+ on the Accreditation Status & Index of Education Quality (IEQ) scale as a holistic measure of overall performance and the system is deemed to be Accredited with Quality for the next six years. 

The review process focuses on establishing evidence of effective practice and performance of the institution in relation to the 30 accreditation standards. In conducting the review, the Cognia team identified one Noteworthy Practice that reflected significant areas of strength in the work of the school system - "Mitchell County Board of Education has created and continues to foster significant community and continuing education partnerships that directly engage civil and private stakeholders in active workforce development in this small rural community.  Establishing the Southwest Georgia College and Career Academy (SOWEGA CCA) and expanding CTAE Pathways available in collaboration with area colleges provides unique opportunities for learners and business partners to engage." 

Using information collected and reviewed, the Cognia team identified the following two Areas for Improvement that will help the institution improve.  The Areas of Improvement will be revisited when the school system conducts Cognia Process Review in two years - "1. Expand opportunities for developing leaders among stakeholders beyond the administrative track to include mentor teachers, committee leaders, as well as parent partners. 2. Develop and expand the system's understanding of the root causes of learners who are not kindergarten ready in reading and math and develop a research-based strategy to overcome these deficiencies." 


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MCSS was also accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)/