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Weathering the Storm

On No matter where you live in the world, you’ve probably experienced a weather phenomenon that has left a lasting impression on you. I know the students at Mitchell County Primary School can attest to this. The 1st graders students at MCPS have been studying a unit on Weather. They’ve learned what weather is, how to use weather instruments, characteristics of the four seasons, types and characteristics of severe weather, and types of precipitation. The recent weather events have provided great details for our students. They were able to see what happens during a Hurricane and Tropical Storm first hand. Many observed the rain, wind, and temperature change during the time of Hurricane Irma’s storm watches and warnings. We’ve noticed changes to infrastructures in surrounding states, and noticed the changes in scenery locally. The students have been in awe after seeing the recent events and did what they could to help. As a result of the students being knowledgeable and wanting to learn more, we had a special guest on September 26. Chief Meteorologist Yolanda Amadeo from WALB visited our campus. She gave the students firsthand information on what to do during severe weather, how rain is formed, precipitation, and so much more. Ms. Amadeo reminded the students that education is important when becoming a meteorologist. She told them that meteorologists observe weather patterns, fly into the eye of storms, calculate temperatures, and much more. This visit was a great opportunity for our students to interact with a scientist who studies the very phenomena they’ve recently experience. It was an awesome way to learn, and we had fun learning